Cocktail Catering Malaysia

There are so many different types of functions to cater; baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, business gatherings and more. Some of the most challenging but interesting events involve serving cocktail foods and drinks as opposed to a full meal. What makes a cocktail catering Malaysia truly unique and different is:

The Food

The foods provided at these events are cocktail catering kuala lumpur (kl)finger foods which can be easily consumed with a simple fork or even frill picks.

They often consist of items such as cheeses, vegetables with dips, fresh fruit, meatballs, chicken wings, fresh shrimp, salmon on mini bagels, mini quiche, pigs-in-a-blanket, and canapes.

Ethnic items may also be served and may consist of egg rolls, crab rangoons, mini tacos, or fried jalapeno peppers.

Dips are also common and may include French onion, spinach and artichoke, shrimp bisque, or even a guacamole dip.

Smaller plates with cocktail napkins are usually used for these selections. More elegant and pricey cocktail catering affairs may include carved tenderloin, a pasta bar, a mashed potato station with toppings, or even an omelette station if it is an earlier event.

New and trendy items are always appearing at functions, so it is wise to research what is popular for these parties before making your own final selections.

The Beverages
Of course at cocktail parties, you serve cocktail foods and cocktails. These beverages could consist of wine and beer, a full bar with all of your basic liquor, or even a full bar with after-dinner drinks included.

The bar can be an open bar where everything is paid for by the host, or a cash bar where individuals are required to purchase their own drinks.

Other beverages at a cocktail party may include a special coffee bar complete with liqueurs such as Bailey’s, Amaretto, and/or brandy flavored cream. A truly elegant affair can end a successful evening with prosecco or champagne with the dessert bar.

Ice carvings are also popular ways to serve drinks with bartenders sending the liquor down an icy sluice while mixing it with a choice of ingredients.

cocktail catering kuala lumpur (kl)The Service Style
Most cocktail parties are served buffet style, but some may partially or fully consist of passed cocktail foods and drinks.

Buffets allow your guests to consume as much as they desire, while passing foods and beverages may be of great assistance if you are on a budget as you can control how much is served.

If you choose to serve your foods from a buffet, you may have one long line or break up the food into stations around the area.


Cocktail catering usually implies that the event is more formal than most. Guests will be required to dress in cocktail attire so it is important to have equipment, glassware, linens, and decor items that are up to par with this type of event. Staff should also dress accordingly.

Other Services
A cocktail party may have many other requirements other than food and beverages. Most will have some time of music such as a guitarist, violinist, trio, or even a small band. A dance floor may also be needed. The layout may require cocktail tables and extra seating around the room.

There may not be seating for everyone since the main point is to encourage mingling and networking. Flowers, special linens, and candles are often used to decorate these extremely social gatherings. Valet parking and coat check attendants may also be utilized.

As you can see, there are so many unique ways to have a cocktail party and utilize cocktail catering elements with a Malaysian flare. After you have put on a few for business or pleasure, they may become your favorite type of event to arrange and host.

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