Banquet Catering Malaysia

banquet catering kuala lumpur (kl)Putting together a big event is enough stress on its own. When it comes to food, relax and let our professional banquet catering Malaysia service handle the challenge. Our team is equipped to prepare large quantities of food and arranged it in an appealing manner for guests.

We can also provide the necessary waitstaff and even tables and other peripherals for a successful event.

Impress your guests with our services. When you’re planning on hosting an event in the Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, and Selangor area, call us.

We provide a wide array of menu selections at an affordable price. Review our available options or work with one of our qualified consultants to create a menu appropriate to the event banquet catering.

Our consultants can recommend food dishes that work well together and fit the desired tastes of your guests. A casual event may require barbecued ribs and roasted pork, while a formal event may call for Jasmine rice served with Ayam Kurma. We’ll even fill up your buffet with desserts, like Bubur Cha-Cha, Bubur Kacang, and Ice Jelly Cocktail.

Banquet Catering for the Holidays

Set up your party for the Christmas holiday or Chinese New Year. We’re available for a number of special holidays throughout the year. Just make sure to schedule your event with plenty of time for us to create a fabulous buffet. There is lots of competition for great caterers during the holiday season.

When you’re planning on celebrating the Chinese New Year, feel free to ask for special dishes associated with the holiday. We’ll properly prepare the steamed chicken, the sprouts, and the dumplings with a few coins in them for extra luck in the coming year.

Shelters for Outdoor Eventsbanquet catering kuala lumpur (kl)
If you want to enjoy the greenery and fresh air of the outdoors, we can also provide shelters and canopies for the diners. Keep the sun off and the rain from ruining your banquet.

These shelters and tents are easy to set up and can provide coverage for an entire dining area.

Let us know how many guests you plan on inviting, and the amount of space available for these canopies. We’ll take care of everything else.

We can also provide buffet tables, chairs, and even decoration for those special events. Decoration can only help enhance the experience of your guests and can make an attractive venue into a beautiful one. Our professional staff can get everything set up for you and do the decorating before the event.

If you have material that you have purchased for the decor, feel free to let us hang it for you. From lanterns to garlands of flowers, your event will be one of the most beautiful of the year.

Staff Available for Complete Service
When planning a large event, you may find it hard to take care of everything at once. Guests tend to head to the buffet all at the same time. We can provide serving staff to load up those plates, so guests aren’t left waiting for food. We can also provide on-site chefs to cook fresh food, such as stir fries, omelettes, and salads in front of the guests.

Should you need a little extra help with the planning part of your party, our company can provide management services. We’ll help you find that venue. We’ll help decide how much food is needed and what dishes to prepare. We can get everything set up, serve guests during, and even break things down after the banquet.

Contact us today at to get started on planning your event. We’ll provide you with information on available menu items, and an estimate for our services.

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We also have decor items, waiters and chefs to complete your event!