Office Catering Malaysia

When it comes time for your next office event, you can serve your employees excellent food in a buffet style. Serving a buffet-style event doesn’t mean random foods tossed on a table. Office catering would involve a spread of foods that complement each other well and have a variety of samples for every taste and for every Malaysia corporate events.

Types of Office Catering Events

The type of event can dictate the food that will be served. Whether it’s a formal affair or an employee picnic, catering makes sense, so you can focus on other details like the decorations or entertainment.

Employee Appreciationoffice catering kuala lumpur (kl)
An annual event to show your employees how much you appreciate them will bring up the morale of the company.

Employees who are appreciated are more likely to work hard for you. Everyone wants to be thanked for their hard work.

Awards Ceremony
Whether it’s a sales award for your best salesman or an award for the team that landed the biggest account in the company, an awards celebration is a great way to encourage your staff.

Seminar Events
Seminars always require a good catering to keep staff focus throughtout the hours and have a good food break for lunch.

Retirement Party
For an employee who has spent years with the company, a party is a terrific way to send them off to retirement. Other employees will want to give him or her gifts and show how much the person will be missed. Office catering is perfect for retirement parties.

Holiday Festivities
Whether it’s a large bash around Christmas or a celebration for the new year, holiday festivities can be an excuse for your office to spend time together. When employees celebrate together, they can bond over personal interactions instead of discussing the clients. It can bring a higher level of camaraderie to the office.

Catering Services:
When you leave the details of catering to a service, you’re able to focus on other details like decorations, award plaques and entertainment. Catering services can often provide canopies, tables and serving dishes. You won’t have to worry about any of those accessories.

office catering kuala lumpur (kl)Decoration
We provide some decor materials to help spruce any office events.

Extra Staff
When you choose a buffet-style event, you don’t have to pay for waiters and waitresses to deliver food.
All the food is left on the table for guests to serve themselves.

Benefits to a Buffet:
When you seat guests and have food delivered, everyone is stuck at a table. There isn’t much need to mingle with others. The whole point of an event is to spend time with co-workers. With a buffet, everyone is walking around and eating while talking and laughing together. It’s more like a party with a buffet.

Having Regular Tables or Cocktail Style
When you set up a buffet-style event, you might not need tables and decorations at all. It could be an informal event where people stand, mingle or dance. Otherwise, cocktail tables are very suited for such.

More Varieties of Food
With a sit-down meal, the food can be limited. The guests will have a variety of choices for their meal like chicken or steak. A buffet-style event gives guests more choices of the food they can have.

Budget Friendly
An office party that is catered using a buffet style has a lot of advantages over other types of food service. You’ll be more likely to have events for your employees when it doesn’t cost a ton of money.

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